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Replacement Cost vs Market Value - Do you understand the difference?

Blake & Associates, LLC is proud to offer a full range of Broad Insurance Appraisal Services for commercial and residential property losses nationwide.   Large and small loss claims all can be completed by our firm.  It has been our experience many adjusters are overpaying on loss claims in states where market value appraisals are allowed.  Ultimately the cause appears to be adjusters are not appraisers and do not understand how to extract depreciation from the market.  Did you know there are three types of depreciation, not just one?  The market recognizes physical, functional, and external (economic) depreciation.  

Have you noticed it is difficult to find an appraiser in a specific market?  If you do find one, do they only appraiser one property type and you have to start over looking for another appraiser? Blake and Associates, LLC eliminates this headache as we coordinate with numerous Designated Appraisers throughout the country to get your assignment completed.  This includes residential and commercial appraisers and coordinating with the appropriate designation.  Please see the Designations page on why you need a designated appraiser to complete your insurance appraisal assignments.

We will be more than happy to provide you with a fair and competitive fee quote for these appraisal services nationwide. Please complete the Broad Insurance Appraisal Order Form on the right and a Certified General Appraiser will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details of your request and provide you with a fee quote.  Additional questions may be asked prior to a quote being provided.

Thank you for considering Blake & Associates, LLC for your appraisal needs and we look forward to working with you soon.

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